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How to plan a budget for a wedding

A wedding takes a lot of careful thought and planning – not only to make sure you get everything you want from your day, but also to make sure you can afford it.

One major part of organising your wedding is deciding on a budget, but where should you start?

General costs

When you first start planning your wedding you should start getting quotes and ideas of general costs from different suppliers. From how much your photographer might cost, to venue fees or booking a registrar, these things all incur a cost.

To help with this, a good tip is to make a note of each cost while you’re making your general enquiries. This is a great way to get a rough figure for how much your wedding could cost.

Also at this point, you could ask about how payment works with each supplier. This way you know how much you would need to pay as a deposit and the general time frame for making your final payment.

This information gives you a rough initial cost and a timeframe for paying off the rest of your wedding (this is usually sometime just before your wedding day).


How much can you save?

Look at how much money you have coming in and going out each month. You can then look at how much you can afford to comfortably put aside each month to put towards your wedding.

You should work this out before you start booking things as this can help you work out exactly how long it can take to pay for the wedding which can influence when you actually set the wedding date.


How long do you have to save for?

With this information to hand, you can start looking at how much it would cost to start booking in different aspects of your wedding via deposits. Depending on your wedding plans, you might then have a few months, or potentially over a year, to wait from when you book something to when you have to make the final payment.

This might sound like a painful wait, but it can allow you to save and pay for a wedding much more comfortably because you have more time.

For some people, this lead time is the perfect way for them to prepare for their wedding without getting overly stressed about money.


Family help

Some people are lucky enough to get help from family and friends when it comes to paying for their wedding. This doesn’t necessarily mean they help pay towards the overall cost of the day, but that they can help in other ways, which brings the cost of your wedding down.

For instance, this help could come from a relative, who has centrepieces left over from their own wedding which can be repurposed, or from friends in a band who offer to perform at the reception.

These are fantastic ways to save a bit of money on parts of your wedding. They can also act as a really nice way to add an extra personal touch, as people you know have helped contribute to the day. Just don’t forget to thank them when it comes to the speeches!


Shop around

You might think that a lot of what makes up your dream wedding is too expensive, and this can be disheartening. In these situations, it’s always best to shop around and look at what’s available at different times of year. It might be that your dream venue has a quieter period when it’s cheaper, or that the band you want to play is available at a different time to when you planned to have your wedding.

Sometimes, looking at other options and being flexible on certain aspects of your wedding planning can help bring the overall cost down, and help you do a lot more within your budget.

At Falcon Manor, we have a dedicated team of wedding planners that can work within your wedding budget to help you organise your perfect wedding – from deciding on how you want everything to look, to planning how your day unfolds.


To find out more about having your dream wedding at Falcon Manor, get in touch with our Falcon Manor Dream Maker, Emily, to arrange a show around.

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