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Mr and Mrs Banyard Part 1

Say hello to our very first Falcon Manor blogging bride Mrs Banyard. The wedding of Mr and Mrs Banyard is one we have been looking forward to blogging for a while when we saw the sensational photographs from their beautiful wedding day, which was hit by Storm Brian but still truly fabulous. Builders of the great stone wall, Inventors of ‘the cake dance,’ proud pig parents, we give you Mr and Mrs Banyards Dream Wedding story lovingly referred to as, ‘The Pig Wedding.’

Let’s start at the beginning…

Dale –

I’ve known Mark since I was 11 years old, I spent a lot of time waving to him on the school bus, or doodling in my school books “Dale loves Banny 4eva” haha! It’s been a running joke since we got together that it would either end in marriage or a restraining order, it’s even on the wedding video!

 We both lived in Lancashire growing up, myself from Knuzden and Mark in Belthor,  a small rural village. We now live together on the outskirts of Oswaldtwistle in an old poultry farm. Mark and I had always known each other from our school days and saw each other on nights out and spoke often on the phone on and off over the years. Mark worked away as a joiner and I was studying and I think, in all honesty, our young age made it unrealistic to look at a serious relationship as neither of us was in the right frame of mind until later.  Mark says he always knew I was the one but he needed me to grow up a little before we started to look at a life together.

 Luckily he walked into the insurance brokers I was working at part-time about five years ago whilst I was studying for my degree and we haven’t looked back since.  We are now the proud owners of a growing home crafted, stonewall that surrounds our property (that we work on together come rain or shine, who ever knew I’d be fabulous at mixing cement and finding stone fill) two huge dogs that we refer to as “Pig”. Chickens, geese and ferrets, the “girls” that Mark inherited alongside myself when we got together as I’d had them a number of years before we got together, they’ll be 7 years old now and we also have a whole lot of sheep.

The proposal…

I suppose my proposal isn’t everyone’s typical proposal as it included sheep, a shed and a very cold night in October 2016. To give you some background information, Mark and I live on a little old poultry farm and on the night of the proposal, we had about 30 sheep indoors that we were tending to.  Marks family are mostly farmers and it’s something we love doing as a part-time hobby, breeding our own lambs and spending all of our time that we aren’t at work, out walking in the country checking on their welfare.

Mark had asked me to give him a hand with feeding (something that wasn’t unusual) we had a wedding to attend to the Following day at Eaves Hall for two of our close friends, Molly and Jay, so wanted everything done so we weren’t rushing in the morning or going smelling of sheep. I’d done the water and bedding and dashed back indoors with our two dogs Miya and Sam to the warmth. It struck me as a little odd as Mark seemed to be dragging out the job’s we needed to do which wasn’t like him but unbeknownst to me I’d left him in the barn surrounded by sheep, with a gorgeous vintage diamond ring that he’d bought from Holden Wood Antiques in Rossendale in a box in his pocket.

So his idea was with the company of the sheep and our dogs, he’d get down on one knee (probably kneeling in some sheep poo) and ask me to marry him, however, at this point I was snuggled up in bed in my Harry Potter Pj’s with our pigs watching the Deathly Hallows part 1.

A few moments later  Mark had come into the bedroom and knelt down by the side of the bed, at this point I had no idea that out of his pocket would come a little box and the words “Will you marry me,”  but it did and it was brilliant and totally us. I was so surprised I hadn’t expected it at all. I remember putting on the ring and looking at how simple and sparkly it was and thinking how proud I was that he’d picked something that was so understatedly beautiful.  


The Wedding Part 2 Coming Soon!

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