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How to plan a themed wedding

When you first think of a wedding a lot of the images that come to mind will likely be fairly traditional.


For many people, these images are exactly what they want from their wedding. But what if you want to do something unexpected, a bit different and, maybe, a little bit more you?


Planning a wedding that’s outside of what people normally expect might sound daunting, even more so if you’re trying to tie everything into a specific theme. We’ve got some top tips to help you to get started when it comes to planning your themed wedding.


Have a clear idea of your theme


Themed weddings can cover anything, from films and TV shows to videogames or moments in time.


When you start talking about having a themed wedding, spend some time thinking about how your choice of theme will tie into your wedding setting. This could mean:


  • You and your guests wearing specific costumes
  • Using decorations that tie into your theme
  • Choosing specific food
  • Picking music that’s relevant
  • The wedding taking place in a location that ties into your theme. For example, near to a filming location, if your wedding is based around a film or TV show
  • Your ideal wedding date ties into a specific time of year – such as if you have a Halloween or Christmas-themed wedding


Thinking about these different aspects of a wedding can help you to work out how far you want to push your theme. For example, you might want subtle elements within your wedding, such as tweaking small details like cake toppers and place cards. Or you might want to go further and have the choice of theme influence everything, from the venue to how the wedding party are dressed.


Knowing how far you want to take your theme is vital, as it can influence how easy or difficult it will be to make your vision a reality and how much your wedding might cost.




Once you’ve got an idea of what you want to achieve with your theme, you need to start researching and talking to different wedding suppliers in order to work out what is and isn’t feasible.


You might find that there’s certain elements of your theme, at least from your planning phase, that aren’t feasible. This includes when you’d like to book your venue, or finding somewhere that fits your theme and accommodates the number of guests you have.


Your research can give you a better idea of the budget you’ll need you make your dream wedding a reality.


Carrying out research and talking to lots of different suppliers is hugely important. Just because one says something is impossible, doesn’t mean they all will. For example, if you want specific centrepieces making and someone says they can’t be done, try talking to other suppliers before you rule them out entirely.


Don’t be afraid to look beyond traditional wedding suppliers too, especially if there’s an important element to your theme that doesn’t normally appear in a wedding. For example, if you’re both big fans of computer games, you could hire out some arcade machines to entertain people during your wedding reception. To do this you might need to look at specific companies, as opposed to businesses that predominantly deal with weddings.


Helping you to have your dream wedding


You might think a lot of what makes up your dream wedding is outlandish or impossible. But don’t get disheartened. Talk to wedding planners and different venues to see what they can accommodate.


Your theme might need to evolve in order to make it happen, but being flexible on some aspects of it can make planning your wedding easier. Or you might find that by talking to people who help organise lots of weddings, that there are other ways to show off your theme which you might not necessarily have considered.


At Falcon Manor, we have a dedicated team of wedding planners that can help work with you to organise your perfect wedding – from theming the venue, to the extra details that tie everything together and make your day more memorable.


To find out more about having your dream wedding at Falcon Manor, get in touch with our Dream Makers to arrange a show around.

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