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Do you need a wedding car?

Wedding cars allow you to arrive at your venue in style, and are a great way to add that extra touch of glamour to the start of your special day.

However, depending on your venue, the plan for the day or your budget, a wedding car might not be necessary.

We’ve highlighted some of the key things to think about when it comes to wedding cars to help you decide whether you do or don’t need one.


Your venue

Think about your venue and plan for the wedding. For example, if you’re staying at a country house and getting ready at the venue, it’s less likely that you’ll need a car. This is especially if the entire wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, is taking place in the same location.

If you’re travelling to the wedding venue after getting ready elsewhere, however, a car could be useful. Specialised wedding cars are designed to be comfortable and are usually much more spacious than a regular car, which can make travelling in a suit or wedding dress much more comfortable and relaxing.


Making an entrance

A wedding car can really help you to make an entrance at your venue. Your arrival becomes more of an occasion as your guests wait for an instantly recognisable type of car to arrive.

This can add an extra bit of expectation and excitement to the day as people wait to see if you turn up in a classic car, a modern limo, a sports car, or something else that ties into your colour scheme or wedding theme.


Your theme

Whatever theme your wedding has, there’s likely to be a vehicle that ties into it or a way to decorate a car, so it fits into that colour scheme.

There are plenty of companies that allow you to hire cars from films and TV shows. This can be a perfect way to highlight a movie theme, or add more of your personality into your wedding.

These sorts of cars make a great photo opportunity and are sure to get the attention of your guests with their wow factor.

Traditional decorations, like using flowers and ribbon, can be a quick and easy way to tie a traditional wedding car into a colour scheme, which can add to the effectiveness of how you make an entrance.


Your budget

If you’re planning your wedding and have a set budget, a wedding car might be an optional extra.

Wedding cars might charge by the journey or by the day. Depending on the amount of distance you need to cover or when your wedding is, this might not be the best use of your budget.

There might also be restrictions, in terms of how long you can use the car for photos, and what you can and can’t decorate it with. It’s worth talking to suppliers first to find out what your options are before you decide if a car is necessary or not.


Helping you plan the rest of your wedding

A car is just one part of your wedding planning and can be influenced by lots of different factors. Depending on your venue or how your day unfolds, a car might not be necessary. It can also accentuate your theme, or can simply be a nice to have.

At Falcon Manor, we have a dedicated team of wedding planners that can work with you to help organise your perfect wedding – from helping you decide if a wedding car is needed, to working out the other fine details of your special day.


To find out more about having your dream wedding at Falcon Manor, get in touch with our Dream Makers to arrange a show around.

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